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Halfords Tour Series

Halfords Tour Series 

Bringing the action of professional cycling to thousands of spectators nationwide The Halfords Tour Series lasted over five weeksin 10 towns and cities up and down the country.  

Branding in Sports
At each city the track was slightly different and all the technical signage, branding, way-finding, podiums, start / finish lines and corporate hospitality branding had to be not only easily transported from event to event, but adaptable and practical so it could be put up in the short build-up times.  

Working with the Tour of Britain team, essential structures such as the start / finish lines and podiums had bespoke branding made for them and tailored solutions were found for the course branding to fit around the many meters of Heras fencing and crowd safety barriers.

Sports Banners and Flags
Halfords was the major sponsor of this event, but other key sponsors were represented across the 10 events.  Organised account management by MediaCo was crucial to keep on top of the different branding requirements on a location by location basis to ensure the correct sponsors were visible for this high profile televised event.

Tour of Britain
The Tour of Britain, the highlight of the British Cycling calendar takes place in September.  MediaCo will be supplying all aspects of branding for both the Halfords Tour Series and Tour of Britain for the next years, supporting the successfully sponsored events with high quality yet practical branding solutions.

Southport Heras Fencing Covers rigid branding Corporate Hospitality Branding stage branding

Job Specification

Vinyl, Forex, PVC, EDGE frame system, Fabrics, Vestaweave


Tour of Britain

“As The Tour Series has a headline sponsor in Halfords it was essential to ensure their branding as well as that of all our other partners and sponsors was of paramount importance. The practical nature of executing a well branded event within a city centre location that was both safe and effective meant that we had to work quite closely with MediaCo on the best materials and solutions. We were delighted with the service MediaCo provided, assisting us with ideas for the branding and designing the feature areas whilst also being responsive in the final stages to accommodate last minute changes. Also, working with a single point of contact in MediaCo for all our branding meant they understood our event and its requirements fully. The result was a perfect execution and most importantly happy sponsors!“

Craig Brophy
Tour of Britain

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