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Large Format Materials

Large Format Materials range from Fabrics, Metals, Plastics, Wood, Cardboard and Paper. We have over 100+ Graphic Materials to meet the most Challenging Needs.

Large Format Materials: Fabrics

Large Format Materials such as fabric substrates are one of the most cost effective graphic materials in the market. They come with the widest range of pricing options and finishes. Fabric graphics are reusable and deliver the most elegant aesthetics with an excellent vibrancy of colours. They are water resistant, easy to store and transport.

Large Format Materials: Plastics

Soft plastics such as PVC are a popular choice for large banners, building wraps and backdrops. Rigid plastics such as Forrex and Correx are both highly effective as exhibition graphics, theatre scenes or general signage including wayfinding or hoarding signs. Both types are long lasting, highly durable and fully recyclable.

Large Format Materials: Metals

The most durable rigid substrates are made of metal, which is perfectly suitable for longterm applications such as indoor and outdoor signs, office display systems and retail graphics.

Large Format Materials: Paper

While our clients benefits from reboard graphics for all indoor events and exhibitions, our most popular paper series are wallpapers. These water resistant materials are printable wall graphics which are highly demanded by interior designers for office, retail and home applications.

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