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Digitally Printed Fabrics - Taffeta & Voile

Taffeta & Voile

A softer branding solution for a range of uses from window displays to corporate hospitality dressing.  Our digitally printed taffeta and voile still offer the same longevity of print whilst still allowing light through.   

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Indoor Use, Backdrops, Banners, Printed Curtains, Draping

Upto 3m wide at any length or fabricated to any size.

Taffeta & Voile

Subtle branding which will not block light. Taffeta is a synthetic silk with very fine weave and slight reflection.  Voile has a more open weave and does not reflect the light as much as Taffeta.

  • semi-transparent
  • colour representation - excellent - less suitable for very light colours.
  • fire safety rated
  • lightweight and easy to transport

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