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Wide Format Graphics

Wide Format Graphics

Wide Format Graphics make finding new business, attracting customers and converting more leads easier. Since large graphics are impossible to ignore, it is still one of the most effective advertising and branding techniques of our time. The large size makes it easy to spread messages and inform prospects and if you look for a way to impress your audience and maintain a great ROI, Wide Format Graphics is what you need.

Wide Format Printing Services

Wide Format Graphics

The large variety of Wide Format Printing Service Options available is not a burden or a problem, it is the best you could wish for. The trend towards large format graphics continues to grow and printing technology is evolving at a rapid speed. This leaves you with a large list of solutions allowing you to select an efficient and cost effective approach. Large format graphics specialists compete with quality, service reliability, variety of solutions and substrates and of course price. You have the power to negotiate when it comes to price but most companies realise that quality and service reliability are far more important. The worst thing at an exhibition or event is if your graphics fail, break or are damaged. Besides, high quality graphics can be reused many times.

It is unlikely that customers receive the additional benefits concerning high quality and service reliability from graphic specialists who automise their selling and production process. It happens that the cheaper solutions impress buyers, but this is because they do not know what great quality is and what risks there are. On the other hand, graphic specialists who offer a bespoke service usually provide a full package which includes free artworking, free colour management, free reprints and free quality control of each order - factors which are not necessarily a part of a company who sell their products through an instant-purchase framework or website.

Best Approach Towards Wide Format Graphics

Wide Format Graphics

Research both types of graphic specialists, one who automise and one who offer fully bespoke services. Already during this process, you will realise the qualitative differences between each company. Make a list of at least five different graphic specialists and rank them with the following factors:

1) service response (how long it takes them to respond to your enquiry or phone call),

2) how much knowledge they appear to have when answering your queries ( it could help to prepare a few general and technical questions in advance),

3) number and type of accreditations,

4) case studies,

5) number of years in business,

6) number of services included for one order,

7) customers reviews/ratings/recommendations (if you cannot find them online, ask the company to send them to you via email) and

8) price.

Distribute up to 5 points to each factor so that you can rank each company according to their total amount of points. This allows you to reduce risk and get the right first impression. Now you can identify two companies, one which should be your first choice and another one which you could use in an emergency.

Great Variety of Wide Format Graphics

Wide Format Graphics

One tried and tested method of Wide Format Graphics is on a building, or large format posters, that you see on the side of buildings or along main roads. These are of course hardly anything new, but then surely it's about what you put on them that makes them new and helps them to stand out from the crowd? Simply by adding an amazingly evocative piece of artwork to a blank building will quickly reinvigorate it and bring it to life. So, Wide Format Graphics is extremely effective, it makes sense that this is the way that you want to advertise your event or new product launch. If you wanted to promote a new band playing at a local venue, you could use large format posters or banners while a building wrap is highly effective to promote an event or cover the construction site of a building. Exhibition displays are based on large format graphics and the most cost effective are graphics are printed on durable and water resistant fabrics which can be applied outdoor as well as indoor.

Wide Format Graphics Impossible To Ignore

The one certainty that you get with Wide Format Graphics is that it will not go unnoticed. The large size of your graphics is impossible to ignore and can by its very nature move crowds and influence your audience instantly. You are always one third of the way there with Wide Format Graphics. So, the next time you have a campaign to plan, carefully consider if this kind of graphics can do a job for you or for your client's campaign.

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