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Visual merchandising is a major concern for high street stores, who rely on their window displays to draw customers into the shop and advertise any special products or deals that they may have. Visual merchandising is a great way to communicate the ethos or reputation of a store very quickly, and a well thought out window display can entice customers with a range of images, layouts and colours.

Consider All Options

Visual merchandising solutions can also continue throughout a store, perhaps with a main theme running throughout the interior to create a streamlined appearance that encourages customers to move through the displays. Point of sale stands can be a great way to create a unified image within any store, and help to point customers' attention to special offers or new products. 

Visual Merchandising Retail Design Graphics

Visual merchandising is an important method for attracting customers that it should be given a great deal of thought before a design is created. Many companies undertake market research in order to determine what kind of Visual merchandising solutions would be most effective in their stores and window displays. It is then necessary to find a company that can create bespoke visual merchandising solutions to bring ideas to life!

Effective Visual Merchandising Solutions: Banners

Banners - Banners can be very quick and easy to install, and can be hung straight down from the ceiling or stretched across walls. Banners with generic patterns, images or slogans (such as 'SALE' or 'NEW STOCK ADDED') can be stored away easily and reused over and over again for practical and cost-effective visual merchandising.

Effective Visual Merchandising Solutions: Wall Graphics

Wall coverings - These can be in the form of wallpaper, fabric or canvas prints, and can dramatically change the look of a store from season to season. Large portions of wall can be decorated with logos or seasonal images, and as with banners these can be easily interchanged to transform a store or window display. Professional printing is a good way to make a large and striking wall covering, and a good quality print can look incredibly professional.

Effective Visual Merchandising Solutions: Screens and Structures

Screens and bespoke structures - These can be used to divide up space if you need to create sections within your store, such as work areas for staff or more private areas for discussions with clients and customers. Screens or structures could feature a company logo or slogan, or even specific information and images relating to seasonal offers or products. As with banners and wall coverings, a generic image or slogan could be used permanently in store or be used over and over again, giving a versatile merchandising solution. Many printers and media companies will be able to offer completely bespoke designs and solutions for freestanding screens and structures - they can look the most professional and effective when they are merged into an existing scheme or store layout. A good production company will be able to discuss the particulars of any existing store fixtures, and work out how to incorporate a screen around them effectively. Bespoke Visual merchandising solutions look very professional, and can be a great way to mark your store out from the rest.

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