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Outdoor Corporate Events With Custom Printed Fabric

If you are organising outdoor corporate events then creating a smooth and professional corporate image through custom printed fabric will probably be one of your biggest priorities at present. Decorating a space is a good way to achieve this, and you may need to buy a range of banners, flags, signs and wrappings to cover stages or scaffolds. These should all be adorned with your company colour, image, logo or event information, to create a theme throughout the event and maximise your advertising potential to clients and visitors.

Custom Printed Fabric To Create Impact

custom printed fabric can be the ideal medium for creating high quality decorations for your outdoor corporate events, as it is hard wearing and versatile. Any outdoor event decoration needs to be able to stand up to wind, sun, heat and rain (potentially even cold temperatures, hail or snow if you're planning a winter event!). A durable custom printed fabric can be a great solution and do excellent as banners and wraps around scaffolding, as it is waterproof and very tough. This is ideal if you intend to leave your outdoor corporate events decorated outside for a longer time, where your custom printed fabric signs and banners will have to survive overnight.

Popular Custom Printed Fabric: Polyester

You may want to choose another custom printed fabricsuch as polyester, which is much lighter than PVC and is ideal for creating flags. These can look spectacular at outdoor corporate events with a bold corporate logo or colour on them, particularly if you use lots of flags together or in a row. You can even use flags for signposting, perhaps using different colours to signify different areas of the event, or to guide guests to facilities such as car parking, toilets or first aid. Polyester is another custom printed fabric that is relatively hard wearing and will withstand outdoor corporate events.

Extended Wide Range of Options

custom printed fabric can come in almost any size and shape you want and can perform any function that you need it to in order to create really individual outdoor corporate events. Think of different ways that you could use fabric creatively, perhaps hanging banners vertically or using flags to form part of a show or procession. Try to find an established media company that can help you to find good quality custom printed fabric. If you have a particularly unique idea in mind, then they should be willing to help you make it a reality. The more unique you can be, the more memorable your outdoor corporate events will be.

Free Artworking Included

To order custom printed fabric, you will need a good quality artwork that you can provide to be printed onto the fabric that you have chosen. A good printing company should be able to accept a large range of file formats, whether your artwork is available in JPEG, TIFF, Indd, and so on. This will often depend which programme your artwork was created in and we will do the artworking for you free of charge. You can then sit back and wait for your finished pieces to arrive, to create truly unique outdoor corporate events.

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