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Outdoor Event Branding

Highly effective Outdoor Event Branding depends on how well you can apply top graphic print solutions. Your level of success will rely on how well your large format graphics such as business banners, fabric prints, printed floors, super large LED screens, signage and wall graphics are used but also, how, when and where you present them to your audience.

Outdoor Event Branding Graphics: The Size Matters

Outdoor Event Branding, Event Graphic Solutions, Graphic Printing Solutions

Many professionals know that the larger the size of a graphic is, the easier it attracts the viewer's eye and the higher the impact will be. Consequently, larger graphics cost more. However, the event goes through different phases. Each phase can be more exciting to the audience, others can be more entertaining. Since the level of emotions and the audience's attention span differ at each phase, it is important to consider where to present the right sizes of Outdoor Event Branding Graphics. While the largest graphics at the stage or arena area would prove most effective, these graphics would be less useful at places where to buy drinks or foods. The attention span of visitors who are thirsty and hungry is heavily decreased to their basic needs: hunger/thirst. Hence, graphics of smaller sizes are easier to grasp and they are more likely to trigger an effect, especially when the content correspond to their needs.

Outdoor Event Branding at Different Time Intervals

Outdoor Event Branding, Event Graphic Solutions, Graphic Printing Solutions

Outdoor Event Branding should be positioned strategecially around the event. Visitors will have different thoughts, attention spans, emotions at the beginning, middle and the end of the event. For instance, it may help to consider consider what thoughts and emotions the viewers could have when leaving the event (i.e. at the end of the show) and when exactly the visitor is more likely to respond to large visuals. Then you may realise that Outdoor Event Branding at the end (exit) may attract better than one which has been placed at the beginning of the exit pathway, as some may still replay the event in their head. Hence, putting all Outdoor Event Branding Graphics at the exit (as far away as possible) could allow enough time for the visitor to grasp their environment with thier usual attention span (or at least an improved one). This strategic approach can lead to better results and may be better than randomly spreading outdoor graphics throughout the arena.

Preparing Outdoor Event Branding

Outdoor Event Branding, Event Graphic Solutions, Graphic Printing Solutions

Many events businesses will be involved in planning outdoor events such as sporting competitions and displays, or corporate events such as garden parties and shows. These events often need a strong corporate image, be it for the hosting company or to display sponsors, or perhaps to show a logo for the event itself. Graphics solutions can be practical when incorporating logos and brand names, and if you are part of an events company looking for graphics solutions then think about banners, boards and signs to display the necessary logos at your event.

Not every graphics and display specialist is the same and not everyone offers a full service which includes finishing, cutting, installing and removing the graphics. It could help to list at least 10 different companies in an excel spreadsheet and rate them based on prices, accreditations, years of experience, testimonials and case studies. This will help you to identify the best graphics partner and you will know who to contact in case there is emergency (or if your chosen graphics partner does not deliver).

The Right Types of Outdoor Event Branding Graphics

Outdoor Event Branding, Event Graphic Solutions, Graphic Printing Solutions

The type of event that you are holding will depend on the graphic solutions that you need. If you are designing a sporting event for example, a range of flags and banners may be appropriate, including boards behind which spectators can sit or stand. Items such as these are also often available for easy transportation, if the event that you are organising will be repeated at different locations. If your event will include scaffolds or platforms of any kind, from lighting rigs to commentary boxes, you may want to invest in some building wraps, scaffold banners and covers to hide the main structure and provide some extra advertising space. All of these are available from media and graphic design companies who specialise in Outdoor Event Branding - many are available online.

Preparing the Artwork

Outdoor Event Branding, Event Graphic Solutions, Graphic Printing Solutions

When you are planning graphic solutions for your event, you will need to have logos and branding designed or supplied by the relevant companies in a digital format; these files can then be sent to the printing company who will be able to make up the banners and signage that you require. When you are creating or collating your digital files for printing, check with the graphics solutions company that you are using to ensure that your images meet the requirement for printing. Most file formats are acceptable, such as JPEG, TIFF or EPS, however if you are unsure then contacting the printers is a good idea. You may also need to check the resolution and scale of your images before sending them to be turned into finished designs - your images may be printed on a very large scale, so they must be top quality. If artwork files are too large in size to email, then you may be able to post them on a CD or memory stick, or upload them to an FTP for download by the graphics solutions company that will create your finished items.

Final Thought On Outdoor Event Branding

Outdoor Event Branding, Event Graphic Solutions, Graphic Printing Solutions

If you have never been through this process before, then any good company will be able to talk you through the best Outdoor Event Branding Techniques - check online for the relevant details, or give the company that you have chosen a ring and they should be able to guide you through everything. Outdoor Event Branding Solutions can be arranged quickly and simply, and if you already have logos and brand names created that you will be using the amount of work you will have to do is minimal, however it can make your event professional and memorable for all who attend!

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