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Exhibition Display Solutions

Hosting a stand at an exhibition can be a stressful event to organise, and if you are responsible for creating your company's display you will need to consider a variety of Exhibition Display Solutions to create a professional corporate image. First impressions matter at an exhibition as it is likely that you compete with many other companies in the same business sector. Innovative Exhibition Display Solutions can be eye catching and will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Exhibition Display Solutions Extended Range

Most Exhibition Display Solutions for exhibitions consist of pull up or pop up banners decorated with company logos and information - these are very popular because they are easy to transport and assemble quickly if you need to move around or be present at a range of exhibitions in different locations. Whilst many other exhibitors may be using pull up banners, the artwork and design that you use can really make you stand out. Bold and bright colours are often good for grabbing people's attention, and if you have a striking logo or catchphrase it may be an idea to use this on a couple of banners as the front of your display. You might also like to consider using larger fabric banners that are perfect for printing on, particularly if your exhibition space is larger than the average stand and you'd really like to utilise it effectively.

Exhibition Display Solutions for Modular Systems

Modular exhibition stands are generally much larger than pull up banners, and are often shaped and printed with your logo, name or relevant information. They can be a great way of creating a corporate back drop to your exhibition space, within which you can set tables, chairs, and so on for your staff and potential clients to sit at. Modular displays are larger and often more expensive, but can look much more professional and sleek.

Exhibition Display Solutions Based On The Latest Finishing Technology

Consider Creative Extras It's the finishing touches that can make your exhibition space stand out from everyone else's, and give you a truly professional and corporate look. If you are buying modular exhibition stands then you may be able to find add-on items such as laptop trays and stands, or literature racks. This can create a more effective working environment for the staff that will be representing your company at the event - they will be able to work in a branded environment where all the information they need is to hand. This also makes it simpler for visitors to get the information they need in a professional environment.

Multiple Uses of Exhibition Display Solutions

Exhibition Display Solutions can be incorporated throughout your display, not just through banners and wall spaces. Think about signage to point visitors to your stand, or perhaps free standing flags to help visitors find your stand from anywhere in the exhibition. Most companies use personalised Exhibition Display Solutions at exhibitions, but with a little creative thought and prior research, you will be able to create a display area that both attracts visitors, and makes it easy for you to communicate with them effectively.

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