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Event Branding - More Than Just Banners

Innovative event branding is vital for today's modern event, reflecting your own brand and those of your sponsors in a planned way is the key to a successful event look.  In a step up from the last decade a few simple banner stands are not likely to engage your audience and event branding opportunities should be linked in with useful signage and wayfinding to provide a cohesive graphics solution. Nowadays, branding an event successfully requires professionals to understand the event planning process as well as how large format graphics will impact overall experience.

The advancements in promotional material means that today's consumer is far savvier than ever before and the branding of an event requires harder work to obtain positive results.  Sometimes brand guidelines go out of the window the minute they arrive on site, so event managers should always work very closely with the marketing department to ensure the brand is carried across all company activity. After all, the best branding event procedures rely on good teamwork, great event branding ideas and careful event planning. A challenge will be how to approach advertising space and the select the best branding locations.

The Balance Between Event Branding and Event Graphics

Balancing Event Branding and Event Graphics with MediaCo

Many people now feel as though they have reached a saturation point with sponsorship and advertising and this has to be reflected in the presentation of an event. It is only natural that a company or charity would aim to get the most exposure for their brand but it has to be done in a certain way so as not to detract from the aims of the event. Having flags and banners everywhere on site is likely to be a turn-off for many consumers and actually do more harm than good. Too many banners and flags for the sake of having them can be a bad example of event branding but there can be ways to use them in a positive fashion to offer balanced branding and sponsor representation.

Importance of Brand Consistency during Event Branding

Consistent Branding When Branding Event with MediaCo

Successful event branding can depend on the location of the event that is being used and the style and nature of the event. If the location is a traditional or historical venue, too much hi-Tec gadgetry or signage will jar with the look of the location. However, traditional style flags or banners hung from relevant locations may be able to draw on the look expected from the venue while giving an opportunity to promote a brand or company. Having a single look and feel to branding can assist with creating uniformity across branding efforts without it overpowering the room or event.

Event Branding with Signage and Wayfinding Signs

Signage, Wayfinding Signage and Shop Signage at Branding Events with MediaCo

A better image for an organisation can be obtained by combining their event brandingmaterial with signage and wayfinding that point out directions or perhaps relay the running order of the day. These signs provide important information for guests, so they are providing a good service to the visitors. There is also a very good reason for people to come up close to these signs and read the information contained upon them so placing a logo or brand name in the corner of these signs will make a better connection with customers.

It is possible to combine event branding opportunities with information for people and this is one way to improve the quality of the communication method. As this information is of value, the guests will not find the material intrusive and in fact, it may help them form a positive impression of the company. After all, if the company's brand or name is associated with being helpful and informative, the guest or visitor is likely to think of the company in this way, helping to create a good base for a relationship.

Techniques to Work with a tight Event Budget

Find Cost Effective Event Graphics for Event Branding with MediaCo

Event planning and event management are essential to deliver the best possible experience and branding at any event. If there would be unlimited capital available, it would be easier, hence, the smaller the budget is, the more difficult it will be to reach this goal. Although event branding companies have to jump over high hurdles, it is possible to excel in event branding even with a tight event budget.

There is a wide variety of different event branding materials available, some are more durable and others are more cost effective. Outdoor fabric substrates are one example to reach large cost savings and again there is a larger variety of these fabrics available. However, these materials makes it possible to work with very strict budgets. More expensive are rigid materials or boards made of aluminium or plastic.

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