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What is Large Format Printing?
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What Is Large Format Printing?

In the past, getting a business card printed up to a run of 1000 units or so was the norm; it was also pretty much all that was needed in terms of printed collateral for many small businesses. But over time, marketing and advertising has evolved dramatically and nowadays companies are keen to use more and different avenues to create their marketing and advertising collateral. Branding becomes more powerful. Why? Custom large format printing has arrived. Although large graphics have been used for a long time, the technology drastically changed the game and custom large format printing is not only a new tool for successful branding but has become a trend, too. So, what is large format printing?

We are in the middle of a digital revolution. This makes it a great avenue to explore for any business looking to try something out that they may have initially overlooked. Custom Large Format Printing is one such avenue; this is a simple and effective way to bring your ideas to life in print, but in a super sized way. Why send out thousands of tiny flyers when you can hit the same target audience with a well-placed piece of custom large format printing?

What Is Custom Large Format Printing Today?

custom large format printing

The reality is quite astonishing; considering you can create anything that you want, within the realms of taste and decency of course, and have it brought into the public domain by the medium of large format printing within a moment changes everything. Custom large format printing is used to create super large visuals for buildings, large structures, vehicles, planes and so much more. For instance, our largest flag had the size of a football field whereas our larges building graphics covered skyscrapers. There is truly no limit of what you can do and it is always 100% bespoke.

Custom Large Format Printing: Walking The Extra Mile

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A large amount of large format printing companies will only print for you. Any support and work on your image files would cost extra. We don't work that way. Instead, all our clients benefit from free artworking and an excellent price performance. If you spot any error, you get reprints free of charge until you are 100% satisfied. As you guess, we are customer-focused business and are interested to help you the best possible way.

Custom Large Format Printing Made Easy

custom large format printing

Getting a run of custom large format printing done is just the same as that of flyers or business cards. The process needn't be long or convoluted and it certainly won't be from the printer's side, it is simply a case of briefing us with your requirements. Nothing more is needed. This will make the whole printing process very straightforward and 'niggle free'.

Custom Large Format Printing Send Your Artwork

custom large format printing

You can upload a simple file and before long you will have the run off of custom large format printing that you had planned in for the upcoming campaign. As part of this process it is necessary to work out where and when you are going to deploy this custom large format printing collateral to get the biggest effect.

One Way To Proceed When Working With Stakeholders

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The more prominent the better, but then of course the more expensive it's going to be, so one must weigh up the most productive use of the large format printing and then pitch this to those who own the space in which you wish to advertise, pending their approval. Once you have the approval, then you can pass the artwork by them for any final edits, and then once all is signed off the studio can format the file and upload it to the printers ready to meet the pre-arranged print deadline. The next stage is then distribution and once this is complete, you can start to assess the effectiveness of using custom large format printing.

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