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Large fabric prints are such a great medium, not only can they be coloured and designed in vibrant and exciting ways, but they can be printed on, using stencils, paints or even digital print.

Design Trends Follow Large Fabric Prints

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Design trends in the world are moving forward at an alarming pace and so are the solutions that are created from them. large fabric prints is just one of these and it represents a great innovation for those that want to be able to display their designs in a robust and attractive way. The fabric is simply the medium onto which the designer can overlay and print their creations. The advantage that Fabric Prints has over some of its counterparts is that the accuracy of the print is at the very cutting edge. This means that nothing of the design is lost from the screen to the print room and then out into the public domain.

High Quality Substrates

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Large fabric prints are by their very nature versatile and malleable. The materials for large fabric prints can easily exceed 60; This represents the start of a whole new level of design, using frames over which the Fabric Prints can be easily and quickly fitted. For those who wish to showcase something more than the standard 2D image, an architect for example, the realms of 3D modelling on a huge scale are feasible. From voile, satin, taffeta to backlit and flag substrates, fabric prints come now with ultra-fine resolutions, reaching photo quality. A cost effective game changer for the indoor and outdoor branding and avertising.

Popular Large Fabric Prints

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Premier Prints Fabric
When it comes to modern branding and advertising, premier prints fabric are one of the most influential and popular tools used with excellent ROIs and remarkable results. The larger the graphics are, the more effective the branding becomes. Considering the large range of substrates available, professionals can reach high cost savings and benefit from long lasting and weather resistant large format graphics. Alternative solutions such as PVC, rigid boards or wood are usually more expensive.
Vintage Fabric Prints
The latest printing technologies offer a wide range of different print methods to produce high quality vintage fabric prints. Vintage fabric prints are highly popular for interior design projects inlcuding hotels and restaurants. Whichever sector it is, vintage fabric prints come with an excellent resolution.
Retro Fabric Prints
Retro fabric prints combines the right atmosphere with the right theme. Graphics which are based on the latest substrates for retro fabric prints easily reconnect to the past through imagery relating to music, fashion and the retro culture. Retro fabric prints bring the audience back to a time of fun and style, making it highly effective as a graphic solution for events and interior designs of homes and cafes.
Funky Fabric Prints
Funky fabric prints follow an extraordinarily pattern of colours while underlining importance of uniqueness of a great lifestyle. Using the latest printing technology, funky fabric prints gain in new meaning and deliver an excellent atmosphere of art and fun. Large format funky prints are excellent for art projects, interior designs and commercial applications.
Modern Fabric Prints
Modern fabric prints follow the trends of our time. The wide variety of different substrates allow an almost unlimited combination of different prints, whether they are used for outdoor branding and advertising, to cover large structures res or to decorate rooms. 100% bespoke solutions of modern fabric prints deliver what is expected and exceeds with its weather resistant features, long lifespan and ultra-fine resolutions.

Large Fabric Prints Bring Design To Life

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Being able to really bring a design to life can also save you the trouble of a detailed explanation. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so what would a pre designed Fabric Prints creation, fitted onto Fabritrack say? As designers seek to push the boundaries of creativity to the very edge, it makes perfect sense for those that create the solutions to be aware of their client's visions and leave an long lasting impression.

Easy Transportation and Storage

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Since all large fabric prints are light-weight and can be folded or rolled, transportation could not be easier. The extra long lifespan makes it possible to store the graphics for a long time and reuse them when needed. These graphics can be installed and dismantled very easily and this makes the whole process a real joy. For those that work in the exhibition world and want to bring their creative ideas and brands to life in a public space, using large fabric prints allows them to save large amounts of cost already at the first purchase and reusability allow to to multiply cost savings.

Reliable Solutions Provider

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There are many fabric print specialists that can supply this material and offer a comprehensive service that will cater for all of your needs. They will aim to deliver across all aspects of your campaign and meet your generic and bespoke needs with the same level of integrity and passion. It it always useful to search at least a few different fabric print specialists and compare their portfolio, experience and prices before making a final decision.

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MediaCo runs a 24-hour production cycle to respond to the rising demand and trends for high quality fabric graphics. You can reach us today to secure an early spot in our schedule and save time!

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