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Event Graphics are successful when you combine the best quality of graphic substrates with strategic event branding. Most important will be how, when and where you present event graphics to your audience, this includes large business banners, large fabric prints, durable printed floors, large LED screens, large format signage and wall graphics.

The Size of Great Event Graphics

Event Graphics, MediaCo

The larger the size, the better it attracts attention and the higher the impact can be. However, there are exceptions. While the largest graphics at the stage or arena area would prove most effective, these graphics could be less effective at places where to buy food and drinks. The attention span of a hungry or thirsty crowd can be very limited. Stategically positioned event graphics always make sure that the viewers can understand them. Smaller sized graphics at places where to buy food and drinks can trigger a better effect as it takes less energy to understand them than extra large event graphics which are difficult to see at close encounters.

Type and Location of Event Graphics

Event Graphics, MediaCo

Decorating spaces with a corporate image, advertising or branding materials can contribute to an excellent experience of any event, from store windows and interiors to makeshift stages and arenas. Fabric printing can be a simple and cost effective way to create decorated banners and wall coverings and fabric is generally very easy to store, meaning that you can use it again and again.

At the end of the event, the atmosphere changes and visitors may take some time to follow a different rhythm. Similar when leaving the cinema after watching a movie, the visitor may take some time to return to his usual attention span. It therefore makes sense that Event Graphics at the exit can be powerful, as this leaves enough time for the crowd to grasp their environment better. This principle applies to all stages of event planning and event graphics.

Printing & Preparing Event Graphics

Event Graphics, MediaCo

Fabric printing can be used to make banners and coverings in a range of different fabrics, and the material that you need will vary depending on the intended use of your banners. If you are planning an outdoor event where banners may have to withstand wind, rain, varying temperatures and being put up and down repeatedly, you may want to choose a hard wearing fabric such as poly-canvas. Alternatively, if you will be using your banners inside, a thinner fabric such as polyester may be appropriate. Polyester is easy to fold, store and transport and is much more lightweight than poly-canvas, making it perfect for creating bespoke flags.

It is important to create a streamlined commercial image, so all fabrics that you use should look similar, using the same logos and colours throughout. You may even be able to get custom made extras such as flag poles in a particular colour, to complement your designs.

Not all graphics and display specialists are the same as not every graphics company offer a full event graphics service which includes artworking, colour management, finishing, cutting, installing and asset management.

More Options of Event Graphics

Event Graphics, MediaCo

Fabric printing can be used creatively to create bespoke decorations for an event and flags can be a great way to signpost specific areas of an event or direct visitors and customers. There are also lots and lots of flag display options available, including freestanding frames and poles that can be staked into the ground.

If you are planning a sporting event for example, large flags, boards and banners can deliver a powerful impact. From lighting rigs over special builds to commentary boxes, building wraps, scaffold banners and truss covers hide structures and help you to optimise the usage of space.

Free Artworking & Free Reprints

Event Graphics, MediaCo

A large amount of event graphic businesses charge for artworking services. This can increase the costs and burden the customer. We believe that a trustworthy and professional company do the best to help their clients and this means going the extra mile.

Finding The Right Event Graphics Specialist

Event Graphics, MediaCo

A good graphics company should also be able to create bespoke pieces for you to really make your event stand out. If you want something unusual decorated with printed fabric, such as a tent for example, then you will need to find an open minded company which is willing to make your visions a reality. Having a clear idea of what you want is important, so that you can explain your ideas clearly. The graphics company that you choose should then be able to advise you on the specifics of fabric printing, such as which materials may be more appropriate for your event and the size of the products that you can realistically achieve.

Browse online to find companies that can offer a wide range of fabric printing services; if you order all your event signage and decoration from one company then they can ensure that all pieces will work in harmony with each other, and there will be no discrepancies in print quality and colour.

Our Tip: list 10 event graphics & display specialists in an excel spreadsheet and rate them based on accreditations, years of experience, testimonials, case studies and prices. This will help you to reduce risk and improve the decision-making process when selecting the most suitable partner. In addition to that, you can easily identify a third partner for a back up.

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